Stomach reduction without incisions (POSE)

POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal) is an endoscopic incisionless procedure designed to reduce the patient’s stomach size, and diminish the associated hunger cravings.

This unique, minimally invasive surgical treatment may be ideal for individuals who struggle to benefit from other weight loss options. POSE is a one-hour outpatient procedure that is performed through the mouth and does not require any incisions or cuts. It has a number of significant advantages over traditional bariatric surgery like no external incisions, safer procedure with fewer complications, shorter recovery time and no visible scars.

Intragastric balloon is also a good method to help obese patients to lose weight. The intragastric balloon, when done in optimal conditions may help to lose over 35 lbs (15 kg). In our centre, we count on the support of a multidisciplinary team, consisting of an endocrinologist and dietician in charge of the follow-up to assure the success of the procedure.

This procedure is performed under mild anaesthesia to guarantee the maximum safety. Patients may be discharged from the clinic in a few hours after the procedure.

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